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Cabin Charter

Low pricing PLUS early booking discount!
Sea, sun and wind… these are the ingredients for a delightful sailing-trip! 

The hospitable captain and his crew will keep their weather eyes open for you during these packaged sailing trips. On board, you will be pampered while sailing from bay to bay. Sailing along beautiful, rocky coastlines, you will have the opportunity to visit remote bays with inclines, covered with pine trees and colorful little fishing villages. 

Fully enjoying the sun on the sun deck, every now and then cooling down in the crystal clear seawater and enjoying the beautiful nature, you will soon have forgotten the daily care during your wonderful sailing boat trip. 

A Good Start of the Day 
The ship’s cook is ready for the inner person. Serving you the most delicious traditional dishes. During the day, your cook prepares your meals with the precision and dedication of a star cook. His cuisine includes items, for example, as stuffed vine leaves, exquisite meat and fish (catch of the day!) dishes, fresh vegetables, salads plus sweet deserts such as baklava. For breakfast, lunch and dinner the large table on the after-deck is neatly set for your meals. 

Sailing away
After breakfast, the anchor is weighed and the crew hoists the sails. The captain and his crew can sail the ship without your help. There’s no need for you to sail yourself, but of course, you are allowed to join in. 

Water sports
Around noon, the ship drops anchor in an enclosed bay. Perhaps you feel like swimming, fishing, surfing or snorkeling? The captain takes you to the most beautiful underwater spots. Of course, the required snorkeling equipment and a surfboard are at hand. Do you prefer to be more active? How about water-skiing or parasailing? It’s up to you! 

Absolute Freedom
Total peace, idling the time away on the sun deck or a game of backgammon… whatever you choose to do, we supply the possibilities.


After welcoming cocktail on board, the captain explains the board rules.  While you are getting to know your fellow passengers and the ship, the captain and his crew hoists
the anchor and you sail away. Every day you talk all your wishes over with the captain. With help of the sea map he will inform you exactly about all the possibilities, the wind and itineraries. Together with the captain and group you will decide your daily program sailing and activity program. Of course you have to consider weather and
wind conditions because you are on a sailing ship!

After sailing the ship anchors in a bay where you can take a nice swim, or go snorkeling, surfing or take the canoe out for a spin around. Or the ship anchors in a harbor where you can take a stroll on the land. Turkey has many possibilities for sightseeing’s, we can organize all kinds of excursions for you. During the sailing you don’t have to do anything….. your crew can sail the ship without your help and they do the cooking and the dishes… Just let the captain what you like and he will make your wishes come true.



1 week cabin / sailing gulet 
The crew and their services.
Harbor dues Turkey, fuel, water, electro.
Towels, bed sheets and pillow(s).
Cano, fish and snorkeling materials.

All Inclusive
** The Turkish breakfast consists of the beautiful white Turkish bread, slices of tomatoes
and cucumbers, fresh seasonal fruit (water/honey melon or oranges), black or green olives, 
white cheese, yellow cheese, jam or honey, eggs, butter, fresh Turkish tea and coffee. 

Five o'clock tea and coffee is served with biscuits and/or cakes.
Lunch and dinner consist of delicious vegetarian dishes, healthy Mediterranean salads,
fish or meat dishes (dinner) and of course fresh Turkish bread. 
Dinner is followed by fresh seasonal fruit or Turkish deserts like baklava. One diner goes on land at own cost.

Whole day the crew serves:
Coffee, tea, water, Cola, Cola light, Fanta, Sprite, several fruit juices, rose, red and white wine, beer and several liquors like raki, vodka and gin-tonic.



Flights and transfers.







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