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incentive zeilen griekenland turkije

incentive zeilcruise griekenland turkije



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incentive zeilen griekenland turkije


zeilen griekenland

Put your sails up


Put Your Sails up and catch the Wind!

How you ensure that you always have the wind in your back! In this week you will learn all the skills how to focus and achieve your desired goals!

Managers and (sales-)professionals who want top-achievements

You will experience how to use your ambition and passion and how you can use these to benefit your (business) life! 

A very inspiring week with other enthusiastic managers will use proven tools to boost your professional development and career.

What would be all possible if you use just 5% more of your ambition and talents? 

Totaly focus in work and privet life, solution and result minded, the wind in your sails!

The coach:
Marvin Sutherland. Marvin is Dutch and fluent in English!

Marvin Sutherland conducted training and workshops for Cisco Systems, Microsoft, ING Bank and Hewlett Packard International. All high profile companies where professionals, management and directors get challenged on a daily base to achieve top performace! 

This is just one-time offer! Normal price of this week is € 2798.- per person, bookings are made on a first-come first-served base!

Only 4 places left!



The first days are used to get to know each other and to get used to this new but great environment.

The training will take about 4 days, the last 2 days are used for active relaxation!

During the day you will have time to reflect and speak with Marvin, after dinner Marvin will conduct several group activities, mainly done on the boat but sometime on land as well.

Get successful already:
Book now for 2 persons and get an 10% additional discount!



* Full Board (Breakfast, lunch, diner)

* 1 week training and sailing
* Coaching on a personal base afterwards. 
* Transfers from an to airport.



Drinks at the bar.



Marvin set sail on request for groups during the 



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