Dolfijnen voor de boeg

Join us! And you will spend a number of days on a classic wooden sailing yacht and enjoy a warm sunny sailing holiday on an azure blue sea.


Imagine having a nice dinner with a cold glass of beer or wine as you watch the sun set, relaxing with a good book or tanning under the Turkish sun, visiting paradise in bays you cannot reach by car and perhaps even catching a glimpse of dolphins, playfully swimming along for a while.

This is how you can realistically imagine a sunny sailing holiday along the coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea. Join us and experience it yourself!

You will be picked up from the airport and you will be brought to one of the harbours from which the journey starts. After a welcoming cocktail, we will hoist the sails. After all, the harbours with their terraces and souvenirstores are nice to spend time at, but seeing the sun set on a deserted beach in a beautiful bay is something nothing can top. The next day, after a refreshing dive in the deep blue sea and a fulfilling breakfast, we will pull up the anchor again and continue your Mediterranean discovery.


Cruise of your dreams

We offer this extraordinary sunny sailing holiday covering a large part of the Mediterranean sea. Currently we are located on the west coast of Turkey, which is one of the most beautiful areas in the world and ideal for a sailing holiday. The sea is crystal clear and the coastlines offer great sight seeing such as archaeological ruins and places with long interesting histories. Add to this ingredients like constant sunshine, clear blue skies and a fresh breeze on the deck and you’ll have the perfect recipe for an unforgettable sailing holiday, right here on our yacht.


Beautiful bays

Sailing past tropical bays, sunbathing on a deserted island, relaxing in a hammock or reading a good book on the front deck, catching a fish as the sun sets and having it prepared for dinner by Germaine or simply enjoying the exquisite Mediterranean foods, culture and breathtaking nature. Windsurfing, snorkelling, hiking and exploring ancient old ruins by foot are activities that require more energy. Needless to say, you can make your journey as relaxed or exciting as you want, while we pass the most beautiful coastlines.

Sunny sailing trip

SailingBeauty offers you a full service sun vacation. You can exclude shopping for food, cooking your breakfast, lunch and dinner, keeping your room clean and the same view every day from your list of expectations. You will be spoiled with a beauty treatment or massage by Germaine. An unforgettable experience.

Mediterranean Foods

Once sunbeams tickled your face through the windows of your cabin, the smell of freshly baked bread and fresh juices will greet you on the back of our deck. During the day you will be served all kinds of tropical and foreign snacks and delicious treats in between exquisite lunches and dinners. These meals are not only Mediterranean focussed foods, but can consist of all kinds of worldly meat- and fish dishes, salads and fresh deserts. All meals are made of fresh ingredients. You are always welcome to peek inside Germaine’s kitchen. Perhaps you’ll be tempted by a new delicious recipe which you can take back home to impress your friends and family.

Active sailing

Even though we are more than capable to sail our yacht without additional help, you are more than welcome to brush up your sailing skills! Gerard loves his profession as a sailor and won’t hesitate to answer any question you have. Depending on the wind, on which our sails depend of course, we can assure you that the Mediterranean weather is quite stable and assures a great sailing trip.

The route

The direction of the wind usually dominates the direction of the trip. However, the course of the trip will be discussed with all participants before we start the journey. This way, all individual wishes can be realised. The possibilities are endless, since many destinations and bays are situated in a close proximity. In a short time span, a lot of places can be visited. As stated in the "cruise of your dreams" section, we are currently sailing along the west coast of Turkey. This includes places and bays such as Bodrum, Gümbet, Kalkan, Kas, Kekova, Caunos, Dalaman, Fethiye, Göcek, Chimeara, Dalyan, Marmaris, Olympos and Oludeniz where parasailing is one of the most favourite tourist activities.


Round trip

We are not a big fan of fixed routes and since there are multiple routes possible along the coastline we prefer variation. Our current preference is the Gulf of Fethiye. This sailing area has not yet been discovered by mass tourism and offers many picturesque harbours, traditional restaurants, beautiful little bays, a turtle beach, natural mud and sulphur baths (silky ‘baby bottom’ skin guaranteed!), national festivities, the infamous ancient ‘King Graves’ and plenty of other cultural sights yet to be explored.

… or something more active: parasailing, waterskiing, rafting, hiking, etc. You can very well combine your stay on our yacht with a stay on land. We offer group arrangements; exclusively chartering the yacht for your entire family or group of friends. It is entirely up to you, how your ideal holiday should look like.

The Tall Ships' Races

Every summer the Tall Ships' Races are held all over the world. If you want to join this mighty event, click here for more information. You will like it!

Yacht delivery

Is your yacht not in the place where you want to sail and spend your holiday? Here is the solution ... Ineke and Riens can help you out by delivering your yacht to the desired destination.


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The best place!

Discover the Med!


Dalyan Delta

Breathtaking sight


Lovely Sailing

Sailing beauty


Oludeniz beach

A beautiful white sandy beach


enjoy a fire on the beach

Campfire and swimming at night


Boynuz Buku bai

A desolate but beautiful bay


Snorkling in this beautiful water

Fascinated by the underwaterworld


The Bazar

Shopping at a colourful oriental bazar


Evening sets in

When the night falls ....


They taste as they look

The taste is delicious