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     08 May 2010

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Cooking with Passion


A cultural cooking roundtrip on a classical sailing ship! 

Where to find the culinary origin of our multi cultural society? The oriental kitchen breaths out a rich history and leaves a trace of cooking styles all over the world.



Mila Thijssen-Hatuluwaja takes you on a sailing cruise along the Turkish Coast. Because of many invasions of foreign nations Turkey has a nice fusion of cooking cultures, the country has many different kitchens. Every other day there is a resting day (no cooking by yourself, its done by our chef)


You do not have to sail yourself, because the crew is doing that! You work with variable cooking themes and every other day there is a relaxing day to fully enjoy the sailing cruise. The ships anchors in colourful harbours and idyllic bays. From the boat you also make trips on the land and you make several shopping yourself at local markets. 

At the end of this joyful and educating week you will prepare yourself, with help from Mila and the Turkish cook, the Captain’s Diner: a table full of all kinds of ‘meze’ (well known Turkish tapas…) We wish you a lovely week!


Sailing cruise and your stay on board in a double cabin (max 2 persons)
The crew and their services.
Harbour dues Turkey, fuel, water, electro.
Towels, bedsheets and pillow(s).
Cano, fish and snorkling materials.
All cooking workshops.
Transfers from/ to the ship

All Inclusive

** The Turkish breakfast consists of the beautiful white Turkish bread, slices of tomatoes
and cucumbers, fresh seasonal fruit (water/honey melon or oranges), black or green olives, 
white cheese, yellow cheese, jam or honey, eggs, butter, fresh Turkish tea and coffee. 

Five o'clock tea and coffee is served with biscuits and/or cakes.
Lunch and dinner consist of delicious vegetarian dishes, healthy Mediterranean salads,
fish or meat dishes (dinner) and of course fresh Turkish bread. 
Dinner is followed by fresh seasonal fruit or Turkish deserts like baklava.

Whole day the crew serves

Coffee, tea, water, Cola, Cola light, Fanta, Sprite, several fruit juices, rose, red and white wine, beer and several liquirs like raki, vodka and gin-tonic.
All inclusive food and drinks. 
All cooking workshops.


  Flight ticket



  -Excursions are extra, payable on the spot
-Embarkation on Saturdays from 16.00 hrs. 
-Disembarkation on Saturdays before 11.00 hrs.
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