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Genieten van een Hotstone-massage op het voordek

Traveladvice: For a relaxing holiday enjoy a hotstone massage. However, other treatments can be enjoyed on board as well. Germaine is specialised in this area and will make sure you are left feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Beautytreatments (€ 40, per treatment of 1 hour)

The treatments are given during the sailing cruise. This is especially comfortable after sunbathing or a dive in the sea. You can also choose to have a pedicure or manicure done with a hand- and arm massage.


A beautytreatment consist of the following elements:
           o   Facial cleanse
           o   Skin analysis
           o   Peeling
           o   Revitalising crème mask
           o   Protective/hydrating daycream

In addition, you can extend your treatment by adding three of the following modules:

           o   Facial Cleanse

           o   Specialized skin-analysis

           o   Facial Peeling

           o   Revitalizing cream-mask

           o   Protective/hydrating daycream

It is also possible to create a treatment to your own wishes, by choosing three from the following modules:

           o   Deep-cleanse (removal of impurities)

           o   Eyebrow shaping

           o   Eyebrow dye

           o   Eyelash dye

           o   Facial and chest massage

           o    Scalp massage with hair mask

           o   Special mask


Massage (€ 40, per treatment of 1 hour) 

Massages are given on the deck of the yacht. The most preferred massage is the Hot Stone massage. This massage uses (the name gives it away) hot stones with a temperature up to 117 degrees (47° Celsius). These hot stones are Basalt, a volcanic stone which enables it to hold on to it's temperature for a very long time. The hot stones are placed on special parts of the body, supported by a towel, they stimulate blood flow, detoxification and will loosen up stiff muscles and furthermore it is very relaxing.

A cold stone massage is another possibility which works refreshing and stimulating.

The traditional massage focusses on the muscles. This massage can be chosen for relaxation or for stimulation. This massage is applicable for different purposes, such as blood circulation, detoxification and prevention of fatigue, muscle stiffness, muscle ache and tension.

Needless to say, a massage is the perfect tool for a relaxed and stress-free holiday, on board of our yacht. Especially with the extraordinary view while you are being pampered!   

Massage in de zon

Massage on M/S GanGan

Beautiful nature !

Mirror, mirror ....

Hoe haal je een inktvis van de haak?

Spearfishing, snorkling, beauty and massage..... The GanGan offers an unique  combination for both man and woman!

Massage op de Kangal

The setting is different ...

De baaien in Turkije zijn ontelbaar

One of the thousand bays

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